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Rapid JAD Principle – Capture Now


Rapid JAD - Faster to Production

Capture Now is the Rapid JAD principle which emphasizes the importance of creating artifacts in real time. Artifacts are the documentation and other items created in support of development.

You visit a Product Owner’s office for a discussion of business workflow and take copious notes. You return to your desk to draw up workflows (artifact) and wireframes (artifact). You print your workflows and wireframes, then return at a later time and present the workflows and wireframes for business validation. You note modifications then return to your desk and make adjustments to your artifacts. You make digital copies and email them to the Product Owner to validate that you have correctly captured the modifications. The Product Owner emails back a minor edit to be made. You make the adjustment and reply back with the adjusted digital copies.

A Typical Development Process

  1. Product Owner and Business Analyst have an initial business discussion
  2. Business Analyst creates initial artifacts (workflows and wireframes)
  3. Product Owner and Business Analyst have a follow-up meeting for business validation of artifacts
  4. Business Analyst makes modifications to artifacts based on business validation meeting
  5. Business Analyst emails artifacts to Product Owner
  6. Product Owner notes minor modification to artifacts
  7. Business Analyst makes minor modifications to artifacts
  8. Business Analyst emails artifacts back to Product Owner
  9. Product Owner approves artifacts

Faster to Production

Capture Now cuts this process in half by eliminating steps 5 through 9. With Capture Now the Business Analyst with the Product Owner are making adjustments to the digital artifacts together in real time. Capture Now eliminates the need for the additional review and modification cycles.

This means you are faster to the approved finished artifacts, speeding up time to delivery of the finished product. Additionally, you are freeing up both Product Owner and Business Analyst time which can now go to other business tasks.

In a business where speed to delivery of new products and features in the marketplace is critical, Capture Now and the other Rapid JAD© principles are difference makers.

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