Rapid JAD Time Management

Bending the Dimension of Time for Quality


Bending Time in the Quality Triangle

So much to do. So little time. If only we had more time. Have you felt this way about a project?

One colleague of mine likes to say, “Time, money, or resources. Which one do you want to sacrifice?” This is another play on the Project Management Triangle of Quality.

Time x Resources = Scope

If your time is fixed, then the only way to increase scope is to increase resources.

If your resources are fixed, then the only way to reduce time and still get the same scope is to sacrifice quality; or maybe not…

Bending Time

What if you can bend the dimension of time? Get more stuff in the same time, all the while increasing quality. This is in effect increasing scope without increasing time or resources.  This is the proven method we implement and what you can put in practice through the implementation of Rapid JAD. Expand time. Expand the possible.

Change Management Requirements Software Development

Prime the Pump


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pumpBy the time a Business Analyst (BA) shows up, many decisions have already been made. Things are in motion. Change is afoot.

It could be, for some in an organization, that the arrival of a BA is the first indicator of change. After all, one might think, why are you shadowing me, putting my life’s work into tidy swim lanes, drawing bony fish skeletons, and asking so many questions? What’s up? What’s in it for me?

It’s true. BAs are often among the first on the ground when the project team ramps up, gathering, defining, and managing the requirements that will become the foundation for future system development. But they should not be the vanguard of change messages.

Prime the Pump

Renowned motivational speaker Zig Ziglar used to tell the story, “Prime the Pump.”

Ziglar used that story of the hand pump to teach many lessons, one of which is “you need to put something in here (pointing to the pump mechanism) to get something out there (the spout).”

Organizations should “prime the pump” when it comes to managing change by communicating information about change initiatives early and frequently with stakeholders. What is changing? Why? When? In what ways? What happens if we do not change? These are natural questions, and they WILL be in the minds of stakeholders.

By sharing what can be known as soon and as transparently as possible, leaders help to set direction, increase awareness, and build desire for the change.

This primes the pump for the BAs and everybody else involved in the change initiative.

The effective BA understands the fundamentals of organizational change management (OCM) and, through their interactions with SMEs, front-line associates, managers, and executives, can help carry out the change tactics even as they ply their BA skills.

If the pump is primed, the BAs can work the pump handle nice and easy, information will flow like water, and the environment will be readied for successful Rapid JAD processes.