IIBA Professional Development Day 2015 – Conference Presentation


Rapid JAD: Getting more of what  you really need — faster — in JAD sessions



San Rafael gta 5 zum spielen What’s Behind Rapid JAD?

  1. Advanced collaborative planning
  2. Single-source documentation
  3. High design visibility

Lunel amaryl m 2mg 1000mg Actionable Development Specifications

  • More Complete
  • Faster
  • More Engaging

Capture Now

  • Interpreting even your own good meeting notes can be challenging
  • Interpreting someone else’s notes can be even harder
  • Basic content and relative importance can be muddled or lost altogether
  • Time for revising or transcribing information is limited, and never a much as you were counting on
  • Memory fades (if I’m remembering correctly!)
  • Video
  • Transcribing
  • Audio

Document Once

  • Why do anything twice?
  • Put the information into the environment where it’s going to live long-term
  • “Document once” does not mean “one document”
  • One Note

Visible to All

  • Visible means in real time and at any time. Visible to all is not time bound to a meeting.
  • “Audible” is “Visible.” Capture what was said and you can read back to those in the room for validation
  • Push or pull
  • This provides instant feedback.
  • This increases confidence and agreement
  • Shortens the feedback loop
  • Seeing things can help to identify gaps

Revise Quickly


What are the risks if you’re not revising quickly?

  • Other rely on the documents; may make incorrect decisions based on old information
  • Revise Quickly means in real time and at any time
  • Document management repository
  • Send notification of changes or ask for changes

Benefits of Rapid JAD

  1. More time for critical thinking by Business Analysts & Designers
  2. Shorten Time to Development
  3. Increase Business Buy-In
  4. Others?

What is Rapid JAD?

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I Want to Start Now!



By Greg Swearingen

Greg Swearingen’s been designing and building business applications for over 19 years and providing training for over 28. Applying his skill from the early days of Netscape Navigator to today's mobile environment he stays up on the best of the best. While having designed and developed numerous software systems over the years, he is most proud of the award received for software developed and used to help those deployed during Operating Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom. Greg continues to develop, train, and he tweets @gergnotes.