Visible to All


Are you listening?  Are you hearing?  Do you understand me?

Customers and clients wonder.

Did I hear you right?  Am I understanding you correctly?  Did I get it right?

Business analysts ought to wonder to themselves.  All the time.

Communication is not easy, as the familiar illustration of communication theory, below, illustrates.

Communication TheoryIn this model, communication seems fraught with peril. Here’s the problem:

“I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure that you realize that what you heard is not what I meant.”

More simply: Message sent may not equal message received, and this translates into risk.

The risk of specifying–or developing–a system that does not meet your users’ need, wastes time, and costs more.

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Rapid JAD principle #3, Visible to All, increases the likelihood of achieving mutual understanding quickly.

Capture Now (principle #1).  Document Once (principle #2).

And while your doing that, make the process and the artifacts Visible to All whenever possible.  Your Rapid JAD participants can see (and hear):

  • That you are listening closely, and
  • Getting it right (Revise Quickly, principle #4)…in real time.

When posted to a common, shared platform, all participants–and even those not present in the Rapid JAD session–can access and view the emerging state of understanding.   Consensus grows.  Trust deepens.

And now you’re ready to Revise Quickly (principle #4) as new facts emerge and understanding deepens.